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Famous Skin Care Bloggers You’d Love to Follow

The internet is getting hyped by Vlogs from Travel/Food/Fashion bloggers. As time goes by, people search everything up on the internet. It is not surprising that a lot of helpful DIY tips, tutorials, and reviews are getting mainstream over different platforms.

If you are one of those people who always want to be updated in trends in every skincare product, skincare gurus got your back. The word “SkinFluencer” is already sharing the spotlight with many skincare gurus on Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Must-Follow Female SkinFluencers

These are the must-follow female SkinFluencers around the world that you would love to follow. These ladies are well-known for their inspiring videos that can be found on many different online platforms.

Alicia Yoon (IG: @aliciayoon212)

Alicia Yoon caught the attention of everyone when she started her Korean skincare routines and reviews videos. She became successful and became the founder of the famous Korean skincare line, “Peach and Beauty”. She is still active in helping people to achieve youthful healthy skin.

Pony (IG: @ponysmakeup)

One of the famous Korean beauty gurus is Pony. Pony is well-known for being the make-up artist of CL in 2ne1. She started her YouTube channel with amazing makeup transformations. She is helping people in achieving different make-up styles from no-makeup makeup look up to celebrities-inspired look. Pony is started her own makeup line named “Pony Effect”.

Jessica Jung (IG: @jessica.syj)

Jessica Jung is known as the former member of K-pop girl group “Girls Generation” with a sweet voice and good fashion sense. With her fame, she started becoming a beauty and skin influencer for people who would like to know about skincare products. She gives honest reviews about the different products. She is also known for her good hosting skills in a beauty variety show “Beauty Bible”.

Kris Cherie (IG: @krischerie)

One of the effective American beauty gurus is Kris Cherie. Way back 2015, she started her own YouTube channel that features fashion, travel, and beauty vlogs. She gives honest reviews and shares her favorite products to her viewers. With these, she managed to keep a spot on the YouTube community. She is also known for her tremendous giveaways.

Emily Weiss (IG: @emilywweiss)

If you are a fan of Glossier, Emily Weiss found and established that makeup line. Before that, she started her blog about reviews, tutorials, and techniques that can help with people’s skincare routines. She writes so effectively that every reader would get to relate. She shares the BTS of Glossier on her Instagram account.

Bethany Mota (IG: @bethanynoelm)

Bethany Mota is a beauty, travel, cooking, and fashion vlogger who has been featured on Teen Vogue and Stylecaster. She has rising numbers of fans called the “MOTAvators”. With this, she continues her helpful skincare routines and vlogs on her YouTube channel.

The list may go on, but so far, these wonderful ladies are the must-follow female influencers on the internet. With their passion to influence people in taking care of their own skin, they became successful and fruitful.

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