Skin Care Routine

How to Create a Skin Care Routine That You Can Actually Stick To

With all the overwhelming options for skincare and beauty products available like best drugstore face toner on the market to date, it can be quite challenging to build a skincare routine that will work for you.

Here are a few tips to help you create a successful skincare routine.

Keep Your Routine Simple

If you are starting out with skincare, it is ideal you start with the basics first; cleanse, moisturize, and protect. These basic steps can, of course, be modified later on and you can add more skincare products depending on your skin’s condition and needs. For example, if you are having problems with skin texture, you may consider adding a glycolic acid toner into your routine. Moreover, whatever the case may be, your skincare routine must always include the three basic steps as it is the foundation of an effective skincare routine.

With all the enticing skincare product deals on the market right now, it can be extremely tempting to buy loads of products at once. However, trying out a lot of different products may overwhelm your skin and cause an unwanted reaction.

Determine Your Skin Type

One of the key factors you need to consider when shopping for skincare products is your skin type. Remember that different skin types require different care; thus, only choose a product which you know works for the type of skin you have.

If your skin is more on the dry side, then you should look for products that offer optimum moisturization. On the other hand, if your skin is more on the oily side, then you should look for products that are lightweight and oil-free. Lastly, if you think you have sensitive skin, choose skincare products with mild ingredients and preferably fragrance-free.

Choose The Right Beauty Products

Once you are able to determine the skin type you have, the next step is to invest in the right skincare products for you.

Start with a cleanser that does the job; removing makeup, dirt, bacteria, and excess oil. Having a clean face is a crucial step to the rest of your skincare routine. This ensures that all the other products you’re going to put on your face absorbs well and doesn’t get in contact with bacteria and dirt.

As for a moisturizer, choose the best one that satisfies your skin’s needs. If you have oily skin, opt for lightweight and fast-absorbing moisturizers. On the flip side, if you have dry skin, choose a thick and rich cream moisturizer.

Lastly, for the final core step; protection. This step essentially means protecting your skin against the harmful UV rays. Given that the sun is the biggest culprit to skin aging and skin cancer, it is extremely important you invest in a top-quality sunscreen.

Give Your Skin Care Routine Time

Take note that beauty products take time to deliver results. There is not a single skincare product on the market which can deliver results overnight. Thus, don’t feel upset if your skincare routine is not able to give your desired results yet.

Moreover, to achieve the most desirable results, make sure to stick to your skincare routine for at least six months. This is the average time frame for every skin to renew itself and new skin cells to flourish.


Now that you established the skincare basics, you can now add more skincare products that you know your skin needs. These products may include toners, treatments, masks, etc. Furthermore, remember to only use such products if needed.

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