Skin Breathe

How to Let Your Skin Breathe?

After all the layers of makeup that you put every day, it is now a necessity to, once in a while, be makeup-free and let your skin breathe before you sleep. According to Crestar Enterprise Pte Ltd, If you are an avid makeup fan who wears it every day, while it might look good on you, it’s still vital that you maintain your skin’s radiance by actually letting it breathe from all the chemicals you put on your face.

For those who don’t know how, we have listed things that can help you maintain your glowing skin while letting it breathe:

Do Double Cleansing Before You Sleep

Double cleansing is not just a fad that Korean’s do. It’s popular for a reason as it helps seal in moisture while you sleep.

If you are not familiar with it, you have to use an oil cleanser first, then a foaming cleanser that should have moisturizing ingredients, so you can skip on using moisturizer for a day.

Avoid Using Cosmetics for a Day or Two

Layers and layers of products that you put on your face on a daily basis contain chemicals that most of us are not even familiar with and constantly used to make your makeup. Thus, try to skip using yours for a day and see the difference.

Don’t Forget to Remove Any Traces of Makeup Before Going to Bed

Even if you have done double cleansing, sometimes, there are still traces of makeup left, usually on the eye area. So, you can use makeup wipes to clean your face.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep regenerates your cells. These cells help your skin be supple, and it also slows down the aging process. Aim to get at least 6 to 8 hours per day.

Use Cotton Sheets for Your Pillows

Other materials used for your sheets are not breathable enough to help your skin. So, it is best to choose cotton as it absorbs sweat and provides comfort.

Unclog Your Skin by Using a Facial Steamer

You can also do this by using a sauna for full body detoxification. Steaming draws out the toxins from your body and helps your skin breathe and feel better. Air drying your face afterwards by using an air conditioner or ceiling fans can also help your skin be revitalized and minimize your pores.

Exercise Regularly

This is an alternative if you do not have any access to a sauna or a facial steamer. Sweating has the same effects as steaming. This will not only help your skin, but it will also aid you in becoming slim.

Drink at Least Eight Glasses of Water a Day

Hydration is still the key to have the best skin. Dry and flaking skin does not allow your skin to breathe properly. Thus, your skin is prone to premature lines or wrinkles. Aim to drink enough water per day; bring a water bottle for convenience and to avoid purchasing water every time you’re thirsty.

It is beneficial nowadays to practice these tips as we are always exposed to pollutants and chemicals that can speed up the process of aging and can further damage our skin. You can do three of these a week and gradually do the rest whenever you have the time to do so.

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