Letterman Jacket

How to Get a Custom Letterman Jacket

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A high school sports experience is like none other.  It is important to many student-athletes that they get a letterman jacket to show off their achievements in sports.  But bland letterman jackets are things of the past.  Do you want to have a jacket that is the same as everyone else’s at the school? No. These days, everyone is getting custom varsity jackets.  If that is something that interests you, check out http://BuildYourJacket.com

BuildYourJacket has an amazing jacket builder on their website that allows you to create a custom letterman jacket and see the changes as you make them. They also have a portfolio of thousands of customizable designs for the back of the jacket to help you customize your purchase. For example, let’s say you played soccer and basketball in high school. And let’s say you played for a team with a mascot of the Broncos. You can find a design on the website that is a picture of a cool-looking Bronco, wearing soccer cleats and a soccer jersey, that dunking a basketball. How awesome is that?! Anyway, the options to customizing your own letterman jacket on the site are endless, so take some time creating something unique for yourself. Check out the site now!

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