Beautiful Skin or Hair

Top 7 Tips for a More Beautiful Skin or Hair

Beautiful skin is any man’s or woman’s dream. Healthy and glossy hair can be anybody’s ambition too. According to Fue India Hair Transplant Clinic, did you know that you can do a lot in the comforts of your home to get fabulous skin or hair?

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Though there are many instant options, such as a hair transplant and face transplant, there are things you cannot play around with when it comes to beauty. With that said, here are seven tips to make your skin or hair look more gorgeous.

Dull and Oily Skin

Massage your skin with cold yogurt and add a bit of sugar to the mixture. Then, take sliced oranges and scrub both halves on your face until the particles melt. Finally, wash your face with cold water and see what changes.

Dry and Worn-Out Skin

For this, you will need to massage your skin with some papaya. Then, create a scrub with a combination of oats, honey, and cold milk, and scrub your skin. Finally, wash it all off with water and dry your skin.

Frizzy Hair

Try making this DIY spray. First, simmer two pieces of lemon in water (two cups) until it lessens to half its amount. Then, pour the mixture into a bottle spray and apply it to your hair. You’ll be amazed by its effect!

Colored Hair

If your hair is brown with dye and you lack time to color it, take some rosemary and simmer it in water (two cups) with 2 tsp of black tea. Then, wait for the water to reduce in half. Next, mix it with your shampoo and leave the mixture in your hair for 15 minutes. See what happens!

Dark Circles and Eye Bags

After drinking some chamomile tea, store some in your freezer. Next, grate cucumber and massage it around your eye. Then, lie down and place the chamomile bags on your weary eyes for about 10 minutes. Your eyes will feel better in an instant!

Tired Eyes

Working for hours and getting busy for an occasion can be exhausting. The good news is you can create an eyewash to refresh yourself instantly.

Take cold spring water combined with some rose water and about two drops of pure honey. Then, immerse your left eye first into the mixture. Open your tired look a bit, then close your eyelids.

Throw away the used liquid and make another one for your right eye. After repeating the process, wash your eyes with iced mineral water. Note that your eyes may turn red for a while, but that will fade in minutes.

Oily Hair

Suppose you lack time to care for oily hair. Worry not! Sprinkle amla and talcum powder onto the hairbrush you use. Then, overturn your hair and brush from your neck to your hair tips. Voila! Your hair is now oil-free in just a small amount of time!


There is no harm in trying these tips for the sake of beauty since they are all-natural. However, bear in mind that your lifestyle and diet are also factors that contribute to good-looking skin or hair. So, why go for expensive face or hair transplants when you have better options?

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