Yacht Mattress

Yacht Mattress

Yacht good hybrid mattress, that are equal or better in quality than the mattress you have at home, can be custom made for you. Mattresses that can fit in the restrictive and often oddly shaped spaces of a boat or yacht are very difficult to find and usually have to be made from scratch for that perfect fit. However, today’s ergonomically sound foam materials make it easy for manufacturers to offer mattress sizes and shapes made to order.

The result is that you can enjoy your custom mattress for less money than you would pay for a custom-made, traditional mattress of spring coil and fiber. Custom foam mattresses also take less time to make. However, even more important than price and convenience is the health benefit offered by foam-based yacht mattresses.

Choices in Yacht Mattresses

Generally, foam-based mattresses are either made from memory foam, a high-density, visco-elastic open cell foam, or natural organic latex, which behaves much like memory foam but contains no synthetic chemicals. Memory foam is a highly responsive foam that reacts to the weight and heat of the body to relieve pressure and provide support. Latex mattresses offer excellent support as well, with the added benefit of being 100 percent pure and hypoallergenic.

Typically, custom mattress makers take between two to three weeks to deliver your custom yacht mattress to you. Of course, this is just a guideline; many factors can influence delivery times. These can include the season of the year, where you’re located, whether the company is backlogged or not, and the complexity of your request. However, custom mattress manufacturers generally accommodate rush orders, for an extra fee.

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