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Safe And Stylish Organic Baby Clothes

The millennial shoppers that helped give rise to Spanish kids fashion revolutions, as well as many other anti-fashion movements, have all grown up. Now, they’re using similar consumer ethics when clothes shopping for their babies.

The demand for sustainably-made, organic kids fashion and clothing is way stronger than ever before. People want to know whether their child’s onesies were manufactured under humane and eco-friendly conditions and that the cotton (which should be organic) used was made without pesticides, chemicals and flame retardants.

Hereinbelow are a few organic baby clothing brands that have fantastic designs and celebrate slow fashion with safe fabrics.

1.         Fun Guy 3-Pack (Touched by Nature)

The clever and cute designs on this onesie pack are absolutely adorable. The company that makes them use one-hundred percent cotton and, just like the cute veggies that have been printed on these bodysuits, these pieces of clothing are manufactured without the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Oh, and if you want more vegetables in your baby’s wardrobe, then you should definitely check out the matching bibs as well.

2.         Burt’s Bees Long-Sleeve Onesie

You might want to consider getting a few of these long-sleeved jumpsuits for when, say, the airplane gets chilly or for those cold summer nights when traveling with your child. The one-hundred-percent breathable cotton that has been used to make them will keep your baby from overheating in the event the weather makes an unexpected shift. From Eggshell Watercolor Chevron to Blossom Peony, the prints on these onesies will make you question your own wardrobe on whether it has reached its true potential. Also, Burt’s Bees is GOTS-certified as well.

3.         Parade Organics Signature-Print Rompers

This company was one of the first to start making baby clothes using sustainable and certified organic materials. A majority of their prints, including the Summer Trees rompers, are manufactured using eco-friendly print inks that real individuals have hand-pressed onto them. Their 2-way snaps and zippers make for easy dress-ups and these features often prove a godsend when your baby starts learning how to crawl as well.

4.         Primary Rainbow Rash Guard

In the beginning, when you start clothes shopping for your child, you might get tempted to buy every onesie that has a cute critter or clever slogan print. However, Primary mostly focuses on creating high-quality, functional kids fashion using solid colors. From slate blue to petal, think of these pieces as the staples in your kid’s wardrobe. But, while Primary mainly concentrates on solid coloring, it does have pin dot and simple rainbow pattern options available. Also, this piece is OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certified.


The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certify companies that meet the social and ecological criteria in textile manufacturing. Looking for brands that have been certified by this institution is a good place to start when looking for organic baby clothes for your child. Having this certification shows that the clothes were manufactured under humane and eco-friendly conditions. Finding organic kids fashion doesn’t have to be that hard. Hopefully, this article has helped show you why.

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