Strollers for Professional Child Care

Strollers for Professional Child Care Settings: Multi-Passenger Buggies for Daycare Centres and Nurseries

Commercial daycare businesses will have various specific requirements for strollers. According to this stroller blog, Some will need single and twin buggies and prams, whereas other child care nurseries will prefer a larger vehicle which can carry four or six young passengers. Quad pushchairs are available, this article focuses on strollers which can transport six toddlers.

The 6-Seater Turtle Kiddy Bus

Made by Winthner in Denmark, the Turtle Kiddy Bus is available across Europe and in Canada. It has swivel wheels at the front and is made of light weight metal and plastic so that it is easy to push and steer even when there are six young children on board. There is a foot pedal to help up curbs and a safety braking devise so the carriage will not roll away going down hill. The Bus is about 30″ (76cm), so will fit through most door ways, modern public buildings and supermarkets.

Children who are walking along side can hold on to conveniently positioned straps which is a feature that marks this as ideal for a nursery or kindergarten group enjoying a trip to the park. Staff will be pleased by the fact that children do not need to be lifted, they can get on the Bus themselves.

The Kiddy Bus is extremely attractive, preschool children will enjoy riding in it and sitting and playing on it even when stationery. Like a bus, tram or train carriage, it has a little door for the children to open and enter. The children sit facing each other and there is a picnic table that can be attached for playing or eating. There is a storage space for the picnic table and picnic.

Angeles® Bye-Bye Buggy® for 6 Preschoolers

The USA based company Angeles make the original and a fold-up version of the Bye Bye Buggy, models are available with four or six seats.

The six-seater Original Bye-Bye Buggy® is less than 28″ wide and retails for around $1,150. All of the seats are in twos, side by side, facing the direction of travel. Seating is terraced so that all of the children can see. Each seat can hold a capacity of up to 40lb or a child who is up to 40″ tall.

Alternatively the Folding Commercial Bye-Bye™ stroller retails for about $800. It has adjustable seats which are suitable from 6 months old. Its dimensions are: 57″L x 33″W x 40-1/2″H, 95 lbs. In many daycare centres a fold away buggy will be essential because of limited space. This buggy includes canopies and storage baskets so it will be the perfect commercial stroller for many childcare businesses.

Strollers for 6 Children

The three models of strollers described in this article are all very different. They are not in competition with each other because they all meet very different needs.

In the US the Turtle Kiddy Bus is the most expensive choice. It is clearly a luxurious item which could be excellent value for money as it offers lots of use in the right environment. It does not fold away so spacious premises are required for storage and one would want to be using this buggy frequently.

The folding Bye Bye stroller will be a popular choice for nurseries and childcare centres not just because it is the cheapest option, but because it is narrow and folds away for storage. For getting from A to B it does the job required.

Of all the models, the folding Bye Bye buggy can seat the youngest children, from 6 months. The Kiddy Bus can carry two newborn infants if they are in their car seats.

Other sextuplet strollers are available, such as the industrial looking Runabout 6 Seater by Berg Design.

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