We are passionate individuals committed to bringing together a community that seeks to promote skin care, inner beauty, and self-awareness, alongside our passion to bring beauty and love to the rest of the world.

Optiat Skin Care Journal is what it is – a journal. However, rather than just having one person writing this beautiful journal, it is a collection of ideas, expressions, and expertise collected together to form a wide network of people, places, brands, skills, and interests that you would become interested in. All authors and moderators on this page have their passion for beauty and arts, along with a commitment to spread awareness on the benefits of a healthy and balanced life.

DISCLAIMER: We carefully select the brands and representations in our website. If such has little to no ethical value that suits the visions and values of Optiat, we may choose not to include them here. We may also add some personal experience regarding brands and individuals on this page, but for the purpose of promoting the ethics we believed in and the values we endeavor to make aware.