AS Apothecary

Based in the UK, this company has been producing scents, creams, balms, and aromatic waters that were concocted from natural ingredients like tree barks, flowers, leaves, blossoms, roots, and moss that were cultured from Sussex, Cyprus and Scotland’s gardens and fields. They’re also known as advocates of banning the use of animals for product testing.

Austin Austin

A family-run business in the UK known for producing natural and organic hair, hands, and body products, this company has been organic-certified by COSMOS and the Soil Association. They have produced only six main products in the past few years, which are mostly vegan, and are made with natural ingredients like juniper, cardamom, bergamot, and neroli.

Bashō Skincare

Bashō Skincare creates oils that were extracted from plants that are known to keep the skin healthy and moisturized. They have been manufacturing 5 face oils for everyday use that are tailored to work on all skin types. Their products are also designed to harmonize with the natural cycles of the body.


An independent lifestyle and plant store in Hackney, Botany believes in a balanced and beautiful life by incorporating good, ethical, and useful designs in surroundings which they consider as a factor in the production of their skincare products and other merchandise they sell on their Chatswood Road store.

Essence + Alchemy


A company inspired by the alchemic four elements – Earth, Water, Fire, and Air – Essence + Alchemy have produced top-quality scented products that were handcrafted with transparency and honesty, alongside the synergy of science and the environment in the production of their skincare products.

Glasshouse Salon

A part of the creative community at Netil House in East London by the Broadway Market, Glasshouse Salon is known for their unique hair aesthetics based on the Organic Colour System. They specialize in modern cuts and hair color.


Haeckels is directing towards the ocean to source seaweeds for their skincare products. They believe that seaweeds contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that are essential to skin care. They also believe in sustainability and has been a prime mover in raising causes about the sea and the ocean’s value and fragility.

Honest Skincare

Honest produces products with 100% pure ingredients and uses less but more effective ingredients to create skincare products that would work the same way, or even more, with those chemical-based skin care products.

Kindred & Wild

This company is known for its everyday skincare products that are both natural and organic. Their products are known to be gentle, versatile, and lightly-fragrant. Surprisingly, Kindred & Wild products are also used to treat scrapes, burns, and cuts.

RMS Beauty

A company that seeks to revolutionize women’s use of makeup products, they are producing makeups that are organic, non-toxic, and have the capacity to heal and nourish the skin. They also have a beautiful lineup of their face and skin products, alongside their very own line of makeup brushes.


This Australian company produces face and skin care products that are made of natural ingredients at an affordable price tag. Their products are also known to be suitable for all skin types.