Old Tile Shower Look New

How To Make Your Old Tile Shower Look New

Turning an old duscharmatur thermostat stall into a new looking shower stall takes a little work but the pay off is well worth the work.

The first step is to remove all the old caulking and old grout. There is a special tool that you can purchase at most hardware stores. Take a look at the picture of the tools you will need to begin the work.

The tool on the left is the tool to use to remove the old grout between tiles. The middle tool is to help scrape off excess caulking and the gloves help your hands from getting scarped up.

By taking the tile grout tool you can remove the old grout. The goal is to thoroughly remove old grout and caulking down at least 1/8 of an inch, so when you apply the new grout it can adhere properly.

The next step is to apply your grout either using your finger or a grout trowel, filling in all the areas. There are several different types of grout to use such as pre-mixed grout that comes in a quart or one gallon plastic bucket, grout that comes in a plastic tube like caulking, or grout that you mix with water. The decision is based on how large your shower is. Because I was also grouting the floor I chose grout that you have to mix. See picture.

Once you apply the new grout thoroughly within the shower stall your ready to remove the excess grout the next step is to follow the instructions which states” allow the grout to set up for at least fifteen minutes” before you use your sponge to remove the excess grout. I recommend you purchase a good sponge because it will make it much easier to remove the excess grout. See picture of sponge.

It will take a little elbow grease and rinsing of the sponge frequently, but when your done the wall should begin to look beautiful. Check out a finished wall of a shower stall that was more than twenty years old and had never been re-tiled or grouted..

Its worth the half a day of labor and around $50.00 worth of tools, materials etc to do this project.

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