Feet and Nails Fabulous

The Ultimate Checklist to Keep Your Feet and Nails Fabulous

Most often than not, people don’t pay that much attention to their feet and nails until something begins to feel off. It is indeed a terrible mistake. According to Fashion And Mash, you may regret later on, especially when things go from bad to worse.

Generally, your toe area is a highly noticeable feature of your body, especially when you are flaunting heel-baring sandals, flip-flops, or shoes for work. Plus, your feet are your primary mode of transportation, carrying much of your weight throughout the day.

To help keep your toes camera-ready and pain-free all day, here’s everything you need to know about foot and nail care.

  1. Trim Your Nails to a Moderate Length

Having long fingernails is considered trendy. Contrarily, your toenails should be kept in a mid-length. The reason behind this is simple: it’s much more comfortable. It also helps minimize the likelihood of recurring foot pain or even infection due to ingrown nails.

It’s best, however, to use the right clippers to cut your nails for a much better result. Remember to cut the nail straight across.

If you are one of the busy bees who are always wearing closed-toed shoes for work, do not overdo the trimming as this may cause your nails to curl and grow into the skin.

  1. Wear the Right Pair of Shoes

The shoes you are wearing draws the line between comfort and pain. While being fashionable can make you feel good about yourself, it’s also important to think about how your high-heels or boots are making you feel from the inside.

If you feel any discomfort, switch to a new pair of footwear that fits you well. Wearing shoes for work in a much smaller size can leave you with bunions, corns, nail fungus, and sores.

  1. Scrub and Soak Your Feet At Least Once a Week

Don’t let your busy schedule get into your way, especially when it comes to your much-needed foot care sessions. Give it a good scrub and soak it in warm water with your favorite bubble bath, shampoo, or essential oil. You may then apply moisturizer to avoid having dry and cracked heels.

  1. Massage Your Feet Regularly

After a long day at work, your feet may feel swollen, achy, and even cramped. Make it your habit to massage your feet every once in a while. And if you are really into it, look for a masseur to give your feet the pampering it deserves.

  1. Put On Your Socks

Your feet are one of the sweatiest parts of your body, alongside your armpits and hands. Thus, if you don’t wear your shoes with socks, your feet will most likely be smelly.

Note that socks are not mere fashion statements but also an everyday essential that helps keep your feet dry all day long.

  1. Take a Break from Applying Nail Polish

The sad truth about applying nail polish too often is that it makes your toenails appear yellowish. Plus, it tends to affect their shape, thickness, and even texture. Our advice: let your nails breathe, too.

With these tips, you’re now ready to take better care of your feet and toenails, allowing you to strut like the king and queen that you are.

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