Microwave and A Makeup Sponge

A Viral Cleaning Hack Involving a Microwave and A Makeup Sponge

Makeup kits are always one of the favorite items each female has to have and need a comprehensive microwave size guide like oven. As you constantly use the products, the tools can have accumulation of the makeup residue. Brushes can be conveniently cleaned but in terms of makeup sponges, they are definitely very difficult.

Stains can linger after conventional washing methods are done. However, there is a popular cleaning hack that let’s you clean thoroughly your makeup sponge with just the use of microwaves. Here is the procedure on how to do it.

Procedure in Cleaning the Makeup Sponge inside the Microwave Oven

Step One: A mixture of water and cleanser is to be created.

To start the procedure, fill a microwave-safe container with a mixture of a brush cleanser, mild face wash or baby shampoo and water. Make sure the liquid mixture can still provide room for the sponges to be cleaned.

Step Two: Let your makeup sponges microwave in the mixture.

Next, put as many makeup sponges as possible to the container. Ensure that all of them are fully saturated with the mixture. Once it is done, set the timer of the microwave oven to just one minute.

Step Three: Remove the sponges and rinse.

After the time limit is reached, the container can now be removed. Reach for it very carefully and observed that the liquid mixture has turn into a different color.  This is due to the makeup residue.

Rinse the excess soapy textures of the sponges and wring them until they are completely clean. Have them dry up and they will be ready for your next usage.

The 3 Things You Should Know Before Having Your Makeup Sponge Microwaved

The cleaning hack proves to be working but there are things you need to know before performing the activity. Here are the points you need to consider as you follow the cleaning procedures:

The sponge’s life may be shortened.

The microwave oven’s heat is enough to damage the fibers of the makeup sponge. Truthfully, this type of sponges is designed meant not to last long. The cleaning hack can certainly help in the sponge’s reuse but a replacement will definitely be needed as soon as small pieces are starting to crumble.

Wringing the wet sponge out immediately is prohibited.

When the microwaving is done, obviously the mixture and the sponges soaked in it are definitely hot. To avoid getting burnt, allot a few minutes to cool down the mixture to a more tolerable temperature before rinsing and wringing the sponges out.

The sponge has to be wet.

One common mistake done by early practitioners of the cleaning hack is having the sponge to be microwaved not wet enough. If the sponge is dry, when subjected to the heat of the oven, it will definitely melt due to the microwaves. Saturating fully the sponge with the mixture will surely avoid that mistake to happen again.


As you proceed to beautify yourself, always remember that nothing beats a good hygienic practice. According to Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali, a dermatologist and consultant of Skincare.com, non-maintenance of makeup tools can cause damage to the skin. With the careful execution of the viral cleaning hack, you will surely be able to enjoy your makeup sponge at least for one more try.

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