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Never Spend A Dollar on Spa Again: How To Make Your Own Face Masks At Home

Face masks can be very relaxing and rejuvenating. But spending a few dollars on it every single time on expensive spas and salons is just too much! How about we let you in a secret?

You can actually make your own spa-worthy cute face masks at home!

Yes, at home! Little did you know that most face masks offered by your favorite spas can be homemade. Most of these can be made by properly combining some usual ingredients you find in your kitchen or fridge!

Still not convinced? Well, head on and read the rest of this article and see for yourself!

Avocado – Honey – Oats Hydrating Face Masks

Head on to your fridge and grab a half a cup of avocado and a tablespoon of chilled honey. We are not making breakfast here, but we are making a hydrating snack for your face; so go on and find a handful of oats in your kitchen counter.

Mix all these 3 ingredients together in a nice container until well combined.

Honey is a great skin moisturizer. It also lessens the feeling of oiliness and retains facial moisture. Not only that, but honey also helps in healing scars and helps in regenerating skin tissues.

Just like honey, adding oats also does the same effect on your face. It is soothing and nourishing. Plus, the mashed avocado’s nourishing oil will definitely brighten you up after a tiring day.

Honey – Yogurt – Turmeric Toning Face Masks

You don’t have to hoard on scrubs from beauty boutiques. You can really make one from scratch at home using just 3 ingredients. All you need is honey, turmeric powder, and plain yogurt at 1 tablespoon each.

You already know what honey does but turmeric makes more wonders to your facial skin! It defends your skin from super pigmentation from long exposure to the sun.

Yogurt, just like milk, is enriched with lactic acid that nourishes and tones the skin. Lactic acid helps rejuvenate tired surface cells and brightens skin.

Aloe Vera – Papaya – Cacao Glow Face Masks

For this miracle glowing face mask, all you need to combine is a handful of aloe vera gel, a quarter cup of papaya, and a tablespoon of cacao powder.

Try not to eat this one! This is a chocolate treat for your facial skin, after all.

Powerhouse beauty ingredient aloe vera is filled with vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, and E. That means it promotes radiance and moisture to dull-looking skin. Adding papaya to the face mask mixture helps exfoliate and removes dead skin cells.

Cocoa brightens the skin surface, leaving a matte, clean feel after rinsing.

Honey – Turmeric – Dead Sea Salt Pimple Fighting Face Masks

You’ll never have to worry about an acne attack or a pimple breakout with this DIY face mask recipe using a tablespoon of honey, a teaspoon of turmeric powder, and half a teaspoon of Dead Sea salt.

While Dead Sea salt may be hard to find, a simple sea salt will do. Sea salt has healing properties and reduces skin inflammation. Adding it with the classic team of honey and turmeric powder, redness and sore skin can be largely reduced.

To maximize effect, don’t forget to rinse with warm water after leaving on the skin for 15 minutes.

Egg White – Lemon – Honey Pore-Minimizing Face Masks

We know it — large open pores on the face can be quite embarrassing. However, fret no more, as there is one clever way to hide and heal them by using this homemade face mask. All you need is an egg white, a tablespoon of honey, and a squeeze of lemon juice!

Astringent properties found in both egg whites and lemon helps tighten skin and minimize enlarged pores. You can’t totally eliminate pores, but you can minimize them; so, you can flaunt that smile in front of a selfie camera next time!

Final Words

Which of these homemade face masks tutorials are you trying tonight? We are sure that you got enough already to start pampering your skin and start saving those few dollars for a spa for something else instead!

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