Homemade Chocolate Face Mask

Homemade Chocolate Face Mask that will give you a Smooth Skin

When the word chocolate is mentioned, what comes in your mind would probably be a delicious edible item sold at the local stores. As asked by Cookingtimejournal.com, did you know that chocolate can be used on your skin? A chocolate mask will give you a smooth and appealing skin.

Benefits of Chocolate to Your Skin

  • Chocolate contains antioxidants that will detoxify your skin
  • Protects skin from the harmful effect of the sun
  • Fights stress to prevent rapid aging od skin
  • Cures some dermatological problems

Common chocolate Face packs that you can do for yourself at home

  1. Lush Chocolate Face Mask

This face mask is best for Acne and oily skin. To prepare, take one tablespoon of cocoa powder, one tablespoon of organic honey, and put them in a bowl. Sprinkle cinnamon and mix well to make a paste. Apply it on your skin and specifically on your face and neck and then leave for about 30 minutes. Wash the skin with clean water. Do this twice a week for the best results.

  1. Dark Chocolate Face Mask

To prepare this face mask, you will need two bars of dark chocolate, two-thirds cup of milk, three tablespoons of brown sugar, and one teaspoon of sea salt. Put the chocolate bars in a bowl and melt them, add the sugar, salt and finally put the milk. Mix them well and allow the mixture to cool. Apply the paste on your face and leave it to dry for 20 minutes before washing. The application should be done twice a week.

  1. Chocolate And Clay Face Mask

Mix a quarter cup of cocoa powder with two tablespoons of clay, two tablespoons of plain yogurt, one teaspoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of coconut oil. Apply the mixture on the face and allow it to stay for about 20 minutes before washing with cold water. Repeat application of the mask every two weeks.

  1. Toning Chocolate Face Mask

This face mask has more fruits than other forms. You require 50gm of melted chocolate, one banana, one cup of strawberry, and one cup of watermelon. Blend all the three types of fruits, blend them and then mix with the chocolate. Apply on the face and leave it for 20 minutes before washing with warm water.

  1. Chocolate Peel Off Mask

Chocolate peel-off mask is prepared by mixing a third full cup unsweetened cocoa powder, a quarter cup of honey, and two tablespoons of brown sugar. Mix all the ingredients to make a paste that is later applied to the skin. Allow it to dry and the peel. You can also gently rub on the skin and finally clean with water.


  • Before applying chocolate face mast, ensure your face is clean without any traces of dirt or impurities.
  • Do not allow the chocolate to completely dry on your face. If it becomes dry before removing, apply some water. Removing dry chocolate may injure your skin.
  • Rub your skin in a circular manner while removing the chocolate.
  • Avoid putting chocolate in your eyes since it could cause irritation.


A chocolate face mask is a simple way to improve your skin. It is cheap and easy, but care must be taken to avoid more damages to the skin during the application and removal of the dry chocolate.

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