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A Hilariously Scary Dragon Ball Z Mask Sold in the Market

As a fan of skincare and anime, you wouldn’t be expecting to see both working together in coming up with an astonishingly scary product from Goku shirts collection that will make you impulsively buy one for yourself. Recently, Japan has released a Dragon Ball Z skincare mask with Freeza’s face print on each sheet.

Of course, as an anime fanatic, this Dragon Ball Z facemask is a must-have on your to-buy list. Japan Trend Shop is selling this uniquely horrifying and hilarious product for $11 plus the shipping fee, a price that’s quite expensive for a face mask, but totally worth it if you’re a fan of DBZ.

Apart from the Freeza-print temporarily stuck on your face, you’ll also benefit from the moisturizing effect a single sheet of face mask gives. This is truly a win-win situation for skincare gurus and anime lovers.

Face mask as part of a skincare regimen

If you haven’t recognized facemask yet, perhaps it’s about time you should dig in deeper about including face mask as part of your skincare routine. Just like other lists of skincare products in the market, face mask has its own sets of use and benefits for the face.

For one, face mask hydrates your face — a factor that’s most important for dry-type. The moisture from the sheet helps your face rejuvenate; thus, leaving your face smooth. Aside from hydration and moisture, frequent use of face mask helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles on your skin.

As for the application, all you need to do is cleanse your face first, then apply the sheet for about 15-20 minutes for your face to absorb the mixture placed on the sheet. After 15-20 minutes, you can leave your face unwashed overnight to fully absorb the moisture.

Can fun prints affect the face mask’s effect?

Most face mask sold in the market are either made of plain white sheets or black sheets, but rarely printed ones. Despite the printed sheets, its overall function in moisturizing one’s face isn’t affected at all.

Therefore, printed sheets are nothing to worry about since they are still capable of giving the same effect as those white or black sheets sold in the market. The advantage of printed ones, though, is that you can funnily apply the mask while waiting for your skin to fully absorb the moisture from the sheet.

As a matter of fact, Japan Trend Shop also has other printed characters from One Piece, Pokemon, and more anime characters you’re surely familiar with. Make sure to check the shop out and pick which among the list tickles your fancy.


Skincare, particularly face mask, is known to play an important role in keeping skin moisturized and soft. Combining face mask and anime seems to be an impossible game to play, but it was successfully made possible, thanks to Japan Trend Shop. Now, more anime fans and skincare enthusiasts are willing to try it out.

Putting a Freeza face on your own face for 15-20 minutes can be a hilariously scary look, but it surely is a fun experience as you ensure to keep your face moisturized and healthy. Try yours now!

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