Weight Loss on Your Skin

Effects of Exercises and Weight Loss on Your Skin

Exercising and losing weight will make you feel comfortable with your body, but how does fat burners side effects impact your skin? If you have recently lost some pounds, you are likely to notice some changes or effects on your skin. You are also likely to encounter some impact of exercising on the skin.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the effects of weight loss and exercise on your skin.

Skin Aging

Exercises have been hailed as one way of preventing the early occurrence of wrinkles. People who exercise regularly have skin that makes them look younger than their age. Scientists argue that exercising aids in pumping blood to the skin by delivering the oxygen and nutrients it needed.

If you’re underweight, you might experience reduced production of estrogen and DHEA hormones that are instrumental in the development of youthful appearance. It may also result in high production of cortisol, a hormone that leads to rapid skin aging.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks occur as a result of abrupt weight loss or weight gain. Pregnancy is also associated with stretch marks. They are an indication that the body has been exposed to too much stretching. Currently, there is no known cure for stretch marks, though the use of some oils and maintaining the moisture of the skin are recommended.

Effects of the Sun

Exercises under the intense heat of the sun could cause the skin to age rapidly. Most modern skincare has incorporated sun protection abilities as well as anti-aging benefits. While exercising under the sun, make you use sunscreen to keep your skin moisturized.

Some sunscreens also have protection against the adverse effects of UV radiation, including elements causing skin cancers. An ideal anti-aging sunscreen is made with a combination of effective anti-oxidants compounds.


Acnes are one of the most common indicators of unhealthy skin. Working out makes your skin clammy, and if not properly cleaned after an exercise, it can lead to adverse effects including acne.

Sweeting during physical activities is also associated with dry skin, oily skin, and breakouts. Blemishes picked during exercises can be treated using tea tree oil applied to the affected parts. A facial is also touted as a way of healing blemishes.


Some exercises such as running and punching on a training bag as well as some games such as soccer can cause sourness. Sourness is an indication that your skin is swollen, inflamed, or injured.

A warm bath and massage will be helpful if you have swollen muscles. It will aid in circulation and remove swollen rumps; however, you should not take this route if you have bruises. Muscle relaxers such as magnesium salts will lower inflammation and enhance dehydration of your skin at the same time.


Exercising and losing weight will have both positive effects on your skin. In general, exercises and weight loss are essential for healthy skin as well as overall health. However, they are associated with some adverse effects that should be properly managed if you want to retain the good status of your skin.

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