SMS Marketing for Beauty Salons

SMS Marketing for Beauty Salons and Spas

While positive word of mouth feedback has been the traditional as well as one of the most effective ways of marketing yourselves in the beauty salons and spas industry, it might not be true anymore. In the world where everything is moving online, it is ill-advised to try SIP on your good customers to make sure your business keeps growing.

So what to do? When it comes to marketing and growing your business in your nearby areas, you can always rely on the SMS marketing strategy to make sure new and repetitive customers keep flocking to your beauty salon.

Why Choose Text Marketing?

It is much easier to keep your customers engaged regularly when you can constantly keep in touch with them. Through objectified campaigns and incentivized SMS strategy, one can drive more sales, improve awareness about their brand, increase traffic to their websites, and even keep customers in the loop about their regular appointments. This makes text marketing convenient, up-to-date, and efficient.

Let us now have a look at how it can be beneficial for your beauty salon or spa:

  • It is popular! People have been using texts more than ever now. Gradually it has become the preferred mode of communication among all age groups. So, when you are engaging your customers with regular SMS, you are aligning yourself with their interesting mode of communication, thus creating a better bond with them.
  • It is accessible. 90% of the people have their smartphones with them all the time. The message you want to deliver will be instant and impactful, and even if they do not see it instantly, they can always look at the details of the message at their own time and respond accordingly.
  • It is very economical. The cost of text campaigns is very low. Not only does this allow you to make much more economical budget, but it also allows you to reinvest in the strategy and keep the customers engaged repeatedly.
  • The best feature of all is that it is customizable, and you can make sure that each client feels special in their own way. Through data collection and auto-responding bots, you can automate the process to make it much more personal and efficient.

How to Get Started with an SMS Campaign?

You can opt for a custom SMS service, which would help you in automating the procedure. They will help you in everything from choosing a plan and the types of messages you want to send across. A few types which you can send through are:

  • Appointment Reminders
  • Offers and Personalized Discounts
  • Contests and Events
  • Beauty Tips and Trends
  • Customer Feedback
  • Consent and Pre-appointment forms
  • Loyalty program

While there are many more possibilities of the types of messages you can send across, it is much easier to start simple and slowly grow upon the strategy as your database keeps on increasing with time.


In a world where you have to keep evolving rapidly to stay ahead of the competition, beauty salons and spas must opt for SMS marketing strategy for continuous and enhanced engagement with their customers.

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