Introducing Optiat Skincare Journal

We are a team of skincare enthusiasts that also advocates on ethical business practice and zero waste policies. In other words, we are beauty experts with a heart.

Our website simply started as a simple passion for making the world a beautiful place by making oneself beautiful inside and out. We started exploring East London and some other counties in the region for beauty practices, beauty products, skin care regimens, and other things that embolden face and skin care.

What Do We Want?

We want to live in a beautiful place, with every one of our members and the rest of the community wanting a better place to express beauty in all forms while keeping nature and the environment at its finest. We look towards a greener, healthier life while reducing waste and keeping an ethical business practice and fair trade for everyone.

What Makes Our Journal Interesting?

Well, we feature brands, places, and events that have something to do with self-care, beauty, and wellness, which are some of the aspects in life we usually neglect due to our busier work schedules and hectic life routines.

We want to show the world that to live is a gratifying experience, and the brands we feature embodies an ethic that encompasses the values we at Optiat believes in. We want what everyone wants – a happy, gratifying life.

How Do We Keep Ourselves Inspired and Beautiful?

By making everyone feel beauty in themselves through this community we are building. We enjoy meeting new people, talk about ethical business, skin care, and wellness. We love to talk in greener, more natural places and use more natural products to maintain beauty, health, and wellness.

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