7 Ethical Places You Must Visit in East London

There are a lot of places in East London that could showcase ethical business practices while maintaining the class and elegance they bring to their regular patrons and casual customers. While there are many of them, here are some of the best picks you can visit and enjoy.

1. Dusty Knuckle

The place s a 40 ft. steel freight container that has been converted into a rustic garden cafe in Dalston along Kingsland Road that serves the freshest goods made right in their own pastry kitchen. You should enjoy the fresh breeze of the plants and the rustic interior along with a cup of Ozone Coffee, the best of its kind, and some hot, freshly-baked pastry.

2. Henri

A boutique store located at Hackney Road in East London features their own clothing line of women’s shirts that are ethically made. They also feature a carefully curated selection of women’s apparel brands (and ethical ones too) like Zoe Morton, Ren London, and A Woven Plane.

3. Botany

A little further east of East London, this garden store features flowers cultured locally and in the wild. They’re also selling naturally-made products like skincare, candles, scents, and other naturally-made merchandise in their store at Chatswood Road.

4. Glasshouse Salon

An ethically-organized beauty and wellness salon at Netil House right on Broadway Market, Glasshouse Salon uses products from ethical brands and believes in products made with natural ingredients. They were known for their modern cuts and color, alongside their side products and services that are all made from natural extracts.

5. Bulk Market

If you are in a rush to buy the spices and dish ingredients for your dinner, Bulk Market in Hackney is the place to visit. Displaying their products with a per gram weighing and bring-your-own-container packing system, this rustic modern-themed store should be your go-to-market for more ingredients on your recipe.

6. Cub

This restaurant was born out of a passion and collaboration for ethical business by other ethical business owners like Doug McMaster and Mr. Lyan of White Lyan along with other entrepreneurs who are passionate about ethical businesses. Their set menu, priced at £45 for 5 courses, are known to be “flesh-free” but not entirely vegan.

7. Too Good to Go App

This is a must-install app for Android and iOS that should be your regular restaurant finder and food ordering app. The app works like any other food order service, though you don’t get delivery options. You can find the nearest restaurant from where you are currently standing and you can order surplus dishes that you can pay ahead and pick up on store at a set time.

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